SPAC 20 — Thursday, March 23, 2017, Cobb Energy Performance Arts Center (CEPAC), Atlanta

SPAC 2017 Schedule of Events

Free Parking Pass for SPAC — Save $6.00

Covered parking is available at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center (CEPAC). The standard parking cost is $6.00 for the day. As part of this year's celebration of the 20th SPAC, the Florida Sunshine APMP Chapter is covering the cost of parking for SPAC attendees. Click here to access the parking pass for March 23. To take advantage of the free parking offer, you must print this pass and place it on your dashboard as you enter the parking facility at CEPAC. If you do not have the parking pass with you, you will be required to pay the $6.00 parking fee. Be advised that SPAC will not be able to repay the parking fee for those attendees that forget to bring their parking pass.

SPAC 20 Registration

Registration for SPAC 20 is closed.

APMP Practitioner Mentoring Program

SPAC and APMP are partnering to offer a pilot mentoring program for members pursuing APMP Practitioner certification. The APMP Practitioner Mentoring Program will help candidates understand how to complete the Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ) in preparation for Practitioner level certification. Click here for details and registration links.

SPAC 20 Presenters Announced

Click here to see the strong lineup of presenters scheduled for SPAC 20. These presentations promise to deliver useful, thought-provoking insight into how you can shape your future success as a proposal professional. The preliminary agenda for presentations is also now available.

Pre-SPAC Workshops Announced

The SPAC leadership team received excellent responses to our workshop RFP and have selected workshops for Wednesday, March 22, 2017. See details here.

SPAC Hits 20 and Makes a Big Change!

The upcoming Southern Proposal Accents Conference (SPAC) will mark the 20th annual event targeted for APMP professionals across the Southeast (and beyond). The Georgia, Carolinas, and Florida Sunshine APMP chapters will again team together to celebrate the exceptional success of SPAC by looking at how we can apply best practices and new approaches for "Shaping Future Success."

The SPAC host chapters have recognized that September-November timeframe has become very popular for APMP regional conferences and symposia. As a result, attendees, presenters, and sponsors/exhibitors have to deal with increasing contention for their time and support in the fall.

In response, we are moving the next SPAC back to a spring date. The 20th Annual SPAC will be held in Atlanta on Thursday, March 23, 2017. SPAC will be again held at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center, which proved to be an excellent venue last year. Workshops will be planned for Wednesday, March 22, 2017 to help attendees avoid Friday travel.

Mark the date on your calendar now and stay tuned for future announcements as plans take shape. Even better, consider applying to be a presenter at the 20th Annual SPAC so that you can share your discoveries, best practices, and enthusiasm for Shaping Future Success for our profession, our organizations and clients, and each APMP member.

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